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I think; therefore I am. This is my personal portfolio of my website, basically, this website exists solely to put up my fictional works; as every author established or not requires some form of online portfolio for their work: Even, if, aforesaid work is not the best of literary standard.

This page was created in October 2019 as an outlet and method of publishing any works that I have created, the internet, recently-has become monopolised-so publishing your work is becoming increasingly harder with more popular outlets. Thankfully, NeoCities, is a breath of fresh, digital air in the aging world of the internet. It is much easier to write something meaningful on her, and have people see it, first and foremost. This, alongside with the factor that this is free, allows me to do much more the traditional, well-established web-publishing systems. Writing, for me, is a methodical excerise in relaxation, it's essentially my go-to drug; because it is a lot easier for me to express myself on paper then in spoken language.

The style of my writing is mostly gothic, dark, personal and modern: I try not to fixate on fantasy themes, whilst also trying to maintain an illusion of something "other-worldly": I would like to think of myself as writing something unique, although, I understand that anyone could claim this. My First Major Novel "The Orbiting Light" Is contains dark, unsettling, magical themes, of demons controlling humans through re-incarnation. It is now being reworked, and I estimate it to be finished by the end of the year. My ultimate goal and aspiration is to write in a dark, horror-thematic.

The long and sort of this, is that this, is my official homepage for my work[s]: The only [neocities] website where you will find all of my literary works. I may occasionally post on my Blog, from time to time with varying degree's of updates in regards to my projects.

For the time-being, there a few projects, or projects that I deem worthy enough of putting here, there will, hopefully be more stuff in the future, but this is dependant on the time that I have spare, as I am not always free to update and uphold this website, so, from time to time, you will see occasional updates.